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“Lone / Grey”


Dark Tongues pt. II

I was among the fatherless ones, born in a tide of paralyzed sons. 
Threatened with fire, we all promised our spirits.
Am I followed, watched like prey? Who is singing freedom to me? 
Tell me now, have you known a love powerful enough to steal your fear of 
death with wounds so bitter? Can there be a place far beyond this sorrow ever bright and safe?
I will break this vein of violent shame, and run free. 
Crooked & crimson, its blood is poisoned.

Underground Queen

We can’t hear Your sound when we’re underground.
I cannot remember life before I came here.
I’ve been buried alive, swallowed up into the earth.
I met a queen, she told me that home’s just a dream.

I’m worried that maybe she’s right, and there’s no such thing as sunlight.
And You’re just someone I imagine, when I feel alone late at night.
She’s beautiful and sings to me songs of the underground sea,
and says one day I’ll be her king, if I’ll admit You’re a dream.

I know I’m not dreaming, there must be something beyond these walls.
I will search and find it, even if I have to crawl.
For too long have I existed in this dim half-light.
When darkness surrounds, and I can’t see, I will use my heart as my sight.

Longing for the sunlight with all I am.
Waking from this dense night to breathe again.
Truth upon the moonrise, silver on my hands.
Roaring through the new heights, I hear Him.